Street Child

Street Child

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Forgotten and Abused

Nearly 150 million children around the world live on the street, Pakistan alone counts for an estimated 1.5 million children.

Street children are the most ‘invisible’ children in the world, despite living and working on the streets of almost every big city around the world.

Oftentimes stigmatized as criminals and rejected by their own communities, these children are vulnerable with no one to protect them and no home to shelter them.

Threats of violence, robbery, and exposure to the various dangers of living on the street mean that many of these children face abuse and exploitation.

As street children must provide for themselves, they are often exploited by employers who force them to work for long hours in hazardous conditions for very little pay.

Perilous jobs like scavenging through rubbish for recyclable materials expose them to disease and illness.

Through our Street Children program we’re able to provide vocational training, hygiene kits and daily meals to Pakistan’s most vulnerable children.

What We're Doing

We've been working with our field offices on the ground in Pakistan to help vulnerable children

Our drop-in centres provide children with food, shelter and healthcare

We run educational and vocational training programmes for children of all ages

We are building nationwide support networks with a variety of institutions

Our outreach workers are using their expertise to reach out to street children

We are training street children to become ambassadors and mentors

We've supported over 5,700 street children in Karachi, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Peshawar

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