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Gift of Sight

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How You Can Help


Here are ways you can help

Save Their Sight

Over 50% of world blindness is curable

Did you know that 50% of world blindness is curable? But for many around the world, the prohibitive cost of surgery prevents them from accessing the medical care they need.

Our Gift of Sight program aims to provide free optical care, including check-ups, and medical and cataract removal surgery to needy men, women, and children in Asia and Africa.

Our free clinics ensure that treatment is available for everyone, restoring their sight and bringing hope to families in the dark.

Help us provide life-changing care to some of the most vulnerable communities around the world. Give the gift of sight today.

Key Facts

Of the 2 billion people suffering vision impairment, nearly half of those cases could be prevented.

Untreated cataracts are one of the leading causes of vision impairment worldwide

Cost is the most frequently cited barrier to accessing optical care in developing countries

Mali Residents Receive Care in Eye Camp

In the small village of Kati Bancoumana in Mali, poor farming families have little access to education and medical care; they are trapped in an endless cycle of poverty, contributing to deteriorating health conditions. For villagers in Kati Bancoumana, preventable blindness has become something of a health crisis. Many residents suffer from cataracts, the majority of which are curable, but the prohibitive cost of treatment means that most of them go without care.  

Thanks to a major donation, this village was selected for a seasonal eye camp that provided treatment to over 500 needy individuals.  

One resident, Salimata Konate shared her thanks with the Muslim Hands team: “Speaking on behalf of all the beneficiaries of this noble and free project is not easy; happiness can be read on our faces, on the faces of all the beneficiaries. The cost of cataract treatment in Mali is too expensive for the needy and the poor... Our blessings and duas to the donors, may they find a better life in Allah's protection.” 

By contributing to our Gift of Sight appeal, you’re helping ensure that needy communities around the world have equitable access to vital medical care, restoring their sight and improving their quality of life.

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Khadija's Journey from Darkness to Light

Khadija Abdullah, a 55-year-old widower from Fabidji, Niger, has endured a tough five years without being able to see her kids properly.  She is a proud mother of seven children with her youngest being merely 14 years old.

Khadija ran a small scale farming business however, due to an eye cataract she slowly started to lose her sight in her left eye. Her world darkened as she struggled to work efficiently and was left to survive on only $3 per day. This wasn’t enough for Khadija and her seven children who had no other source of income.

Khadija was desperate to restore her vision and walked 10 km in 42-degree heat to the Muslim Hands Eye Camp in Niger for eye screening.


Thanks to your donationsKhadija was able to undergo cataract screening and subsequently have cataract-removal surgery.

Khadija was very grateful and prays that “May Allah reward the person who made it possible for me to see my kids again.”  

There are countless people in the world like Khadija who require Eye Cataract removal surgery but simply cannot afford it. Many people across the world are plunged into the cycle of poverty due to lack of healthcare and resources.

You can change lives by providing the gift of sight and you can give people a chance to see again pulling them out of poverty by simply donating a Eye Cataract Removal Surgery.

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Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said "Preserve your health before illness strikes." (Sahih al-Bukhari)

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