Gaza Emergency


Provide Life-Saving Aid to Gaza

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Key Facts

Over 30,000 Palestinians

have lost their lives

Over 70,000 Palestinians

have been injured

90 % of children

are suffering from infectious diseases.

Provide Life-Saving Aid to Gaza

The ongoing conflict in Gaza has resulted in tragic consequences with over 30,000 Palestinian lives lost and more than 70,000 injured. A staggering 1.9 million people are displaced further exacerbating the humanitarian crisis .

The scarcity of food and water has resulted in acute malnutrition particularly effecting pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as children, who are the most impacted.

The famine-like conditions have been further compounded by the fast spread of diseases. Approximately 90% of children are afflicted with infectious diseases, with 70% suffering from diarrhea.

Insufficient sanitation and hygiene facilities, coupled with a deteriorating healthcare system and overcrowded living conditions, intensify the severity of the crisis.

Alongside this, millions are mentally burdened after having lost their loved and are ones. The situation in Gaza demands attention and intervention.

We are working through our partners to distribute hot cooked meals, and other necessities to those affected by this humanitarian catastrophe. Be their hope this Ramadan.

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