Syrian Refugee Crisis


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Key Facts

Since the outbreak of conflict in 2011, the situation in Syria has steadily deteriorated

5.6 million have fled Syria as refugees

Half of them are children

4 million Syrian Refugees live in Turkey

30% of which live in camps near the Syrian border

The Syrian refugee crisis is the largest refugee crisis of our time

The crisis started 9 years ago

Support Syrian Refugees In Their Hour of Need

The Prophet (saw) said, ’It (Sham or Greater Syria) is Allah’s best land, to which He sends His best servants. [Abu Dawud]

Syria is a war zone and its refugees desperately need your help. Every day, hundreds of refugees try to escape, making the perilous journey on foot, with nothing other than the torn clothes that they are wearing.
The majority seek shelter in existing IDP camps in Turkey and Lebanon, where there are insufficient tents to accommodate everyone. Women and children sleep in open fields, in sub-zero temperatures, food, and clean water are in short supply, and medication is scarce.

Your donations allow us to provide essential food, clean water, and emergency medication to the starving and sick. We have set up and manage numerous mobile schools so that children can receive a decent education and health clinics to help those who need ongoing treatment.
Please do not let them lose hope. Remember Syria in your Sadaqah and Zakat and give generously in their hour of need.

Our Work In Refugee Camps

Since December 2019, around 600, 000 Syrian families have sought emergency shelter in refugee camps in northern Idlib, along the Turkish border. To get here, many have had to fight freezing conditions, traveling thousands of kilometres, mainly on foot and with no shoes.

They arrive to makeshift tents in already overcrowded camps, where a million displaced Syrians are already living. There is not enough food to go around, the water is not safe to drink, and basic medication is scarce.

Ahmed lives in a camp in western Idlib with his wife and five children, the youngest who is just nine months old. After witnessing unimaginable horrors, the family fled their home and Ahmed has since been desperately trying to find work to feed his family.

‘I couldn’t give him food or medicine for months. Day by day, he was dying slowly, right in front of my eyes’, Ahmed said. ‘Then, someone told us about a medical centre at a different camp that could make him better. I moved my whole family to the new camp so that we could visit Leen Clinic immediately. They gave Adel the medication and food he needed to get better’.

The doctors at the clinic were able to save Adel’s life through intense nutritional treatment. Adel is now healthier and stronger, but the doctors continue to monitor his condition so that he does not deteriorate again.

None of this could have happened without your support.

Syrian Refugee Crisis

Help Syrian Refugees

Syrian Refugee Food Fund

“The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be their charity” (Hadith, Tirmidhi).

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