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Give to Orphans

Helping those who cannot help themselves

The Prophet (saw) said, ‘I and the one who looks after an orphan will be like this in Paradise’, and he indicated with his index and middle finger. [Bukhari]

Who could be more deserving of our love, help and protection than the child who has no one? As if losing a parent is not devastating enough, orphaned children are often denied an education, live in poverty, and lack the genuine love and guidance that a parent can provide.

Over the last two decades, we have developed a successful sponsorship program that ensures orphans receive every necessity they deserve.

By sponsoring an orphan, you’ll be able to help look after all aspects of a child’s well-being, from his or her education and healthcare to providing emotional support and nutritious meals.

Your acts of kindness are truly life-changing, capable of restoring lives. Take care of orphans, bring back smiles.

Change an child's life

Sponsor an Orphan

How We Help

Our orphan sponsorship program ensures that each orphan has:

An empowering education

We believe that education is the key to unlocking lasting and powerful change that does not only benefit a child, but their wider family and entire community too. This is why we make sure every single one of our children is enrolled in school and we provide additional support where necessary.

The right support structures

We provide a range of services to support the welfare of our children, including crucial psycho-social counselling by dedicated staff to ensure that every child is healthy and happy.

Maintaining health and nutrition

We make sure that every child receives a healthy and filling meal every day and regular medical check-ups throughout the school year.

Orphans Struggle Since Father’s Death

Twelve-year-old Fatouma and her four siblings in Niger, Niamey struggle to make ends meet since they lost their father to a heart attack four years ago.  The family lives in a small, rented home without a kitchen and only one toilet. All six members sleep in one room.

Their mother’s only source of income is selling local food made of beans, called dan-wake, in front of her house, earning less than $2/per day, hardly enough.  

She’s fearful about her children’s future. “My worries are how to sponsor my kids to have a good education so that they can have good jobs.” They would like to seek capital to start a small business to sustain the family and pay for school fees.

Fatouma has big dreams.  “I would like to be a great lawyer in future so that I can help my mother and the country at general,” she says. “May Allah (swt) reward MH abundantly and continue to guide and help them in all their activities.”

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