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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Your Donations In Action: 100 Tube Wells Installed in Bhakkar, Pakistan

Mahnoor Rana

Bhakkar District, Punjab, Pakistan, is located between two rivers, yet because of the sandy landscape, it's a difficult place to live in.

The region relies heavily on agriculture for its economy; however, the community lacks basic, safe, and clean water due to inadequate natural water resources, erratic rainfall patterns, and insufficient infrastructure for water management.  The water available is not unsafe for drinking and causes various waterborne diseases.

Clean water is crucial for all living beings. At Muslim Hands, we believe it is every human being’s fundamental right to access clean water for their health and well-being. The water source projects are initiatives to reduce the burden of water collection, which often falls on women and children, to enable them to invest in education and income-generating activities instead. Along with this, we aim to provide them with food and health security, and stability as clean water supports vital community farms and overall quality of life, thus helping communities thrive.

Thanks to your generosity, we were able to change the lives of the people in Bhakkar. 100 Tube wells were installed to tap into underground water sources and provide a reliable and consistent water supply. Now, the population of 700 people of Bhakkar can drink clean water and farm with safe water.

 These wells helped alleviate the dependency on insufficient or unreliable surface water sources. By using tube wells, rural communities and households have access to a more consistent and controlled water supply, allowing them to sustain their drinking water needs throughout the year, resulting in better health, crop yields, and economic stability for the region.


Ameer is a daily wage worker and head of a household of six family members. They live in a house that’s falling apart, leaks during rain, and lacks a bathroom. Additionally, they lack clean water for drinking and hygiene use. Ameer and his family were subjected to travel for hours, on foot, to access clean water. However, if they were unable to find clean water, they had no other option but to drink contaminated water.

"My heart aches for my family. Our current circumstances are deeply disheartening. My primary concern is providing food and education to my children. My children also suffer diseases due to unsafe water consumption, which only increases my worries by thinking of their medical expenses, which I cannot afford.”

Ameer’s life turned around thanks to your donations. A tube well was installed in front of their house, and they now have easy access to clean and safe water. They and are no longer at risk of getting viral diseases and Ameer’s children will now be able to attend school rather than spending hours looking for reliable and clean water.

Ameer and his family’s life has forever changed. His words of gratitude for the donors,” Your support for safe water will make an incredible difference in our lives. With access to clean water, we will no longer worry about our health and can look forward to a brighter future. Thank you for giving us this precious gift of safe water and bringing it to our doorsteps”.

There are many more families in the Bhakkar District like Ameer’s that have benefited from your generous donations. Clean water is indeed a precious gift for the people of Bhakkar District, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

May Allah accept your donations. Jazakallah Khairun’.

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