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Wednesday, February 7, 2024

What Is The Best Sadaqah Jariyah & Why ?

Mahnoor Rana

In Islam, the concept of sadaqah jariyah, or continuous charity, is an act of charity that’s rewarding not only in this life but also in the next for however long the chain of sadaqah jariyah continues. Giving or providing water is one of the best ways of giving sadaqah jariyah.

What is the best Sadaqah Jariyah?

The Messenger of Allah [SAW] was asked, “Which charity is best?” He replied, “[Providing] water”’. [Abu Dawud] 

Water is the essence of life. Thus, the impact of digging a well to provide a means of water is a profound long-term reward for you or your loved ones. Because every drop of water – whether drank by an animal, person, or any other living being causes a chain reaction.

Furthermore, whenever you help us grow food or dig a well where it is most needed, you help support- healthier livestock, healthier lives, more communities, more children in school, more women in jobs, improved agriculture, and sustainability development.

Quenching someone's thirst is a fundamental act of charity in Islam.

The Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) said, “A prostitute had once been forgiven for good deeds. She passed by a dog panting near a well. Thirst had nearly killed him, so she took off her sock, tied it to her veil, and drew up some water. Allah forgave her for that good deeds.”

This hadith teaches us that a simple act of kindness, such as one act as giving water, can be a means of salvation on the Day of Judgment.

What does the reward of Sadaqah Jariyah look like?

So, imagine the benefit of providing water for future generations. An example of what the reward of a well can look like in this world is the story of Uthman Ibn Affan, who bought the only well of sweet water in Medina and donated it to the world. Because of the well, the surrounding area has become fertile and waters a farm of over 1,550 acres of date trees.

The dates from those trees are then sold, and the money made from selling is kept in a bank under the name of Hazrat Uthman, which is then split into a donation to ongoing charity and a hotel that further brings in more income.

All of this physical and nonphysical material, such as duas, will be added as a reward to Hazrat Uthman as Sadaqah Jariyah because he bought that well to help his fellow people like a hundred grains.

What is the impact of the water crisis?

Around 2 billion people worldwide do not have access to clean water. In other words, a person dies every three seconds in the world. Entire communities suffer from inadequate sanitation and

waterborne diseases. Having no health clinic close by prevents parents from being able to take care of their children and unable to send them to school. It adds pressure to travel far for a health clinic even though they cannot afford it.

Your donation to water projects- whether it's water wells or community wells – grants more people access to safe water and sustainable development environments.

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