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Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Rizwana's Journey to Safe Drinking Water

Ahsan Mehmood

In the remote villages of Vanni, there's a resilient woman named Rizwana. At 31, she dreams not for herself but for the well-being of her three children. With her husband, Jaufer, earning only 62 dollars monthly, making ends meet is a daily struggle. 

Life in these villages is challenging. The lack of safe drinking water is a pressing issue, exacerbated by increasing population, urbanization, and the extended use of fertilizers and chemicals for agriculture.

Families like Rizwana's often rely on surface water from ponds and lakes, as they lack access to wells. The daily quest for water is not just about quenching thirst but about personal hygiene, domestic needs, and the very essence of survival.

Recognizing the dire need for safe drinking water in these areas, Muslim Hands initiated the WASH project, providing Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants to ensure clean water access. For families like Rizwana's, this intervention is nothing short of a miracle.

With gratitude in her eyes, Rizwana shares, "We are very happy with your WASH provision. Traveling more than 4 km for drinking water was our daily challenge. I thank Almighty and the donors. May Allah SWT grant all the success in your life."

But Rizwana's story is just one among many. There are countless others waiting for a helping hand, a beacon of hope. Your contribution, no matter how small, can make a significant difference.

Now, you might wonder how to be a part of this positive change. For those looking to impact the water situation directly, here are the available options:

$310 Tube Well: You directly aid four families by offering a Tube Well.

$950 Dig-a-Well: Your gift of a Dig-a-Well benefits 35 families and is positioned in central village spots like schools or mosques

$4,000 Community Well: With a Community Well, your contribution benefits over 1,000 residents!

For those who wish to donate flexibly, the Safe Water Fund welcomes contributions of all sizes.

Let's co-author more success stories, turning dreams into realities. Stand with Muslim Hands in this vital mission. Support the Water for Life appeal today.


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