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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Sakina's Dreams Begin with You: Your $2 Matters

Ahsan Mehmood

In the heart of Niamey, Niger, there's a young girl named Sakina Hasoomi. She's 13 years old and dreams of becoming a doctor. Right now, she's in the 6th grade, loving history. But Sakina's story is more than dreams; it's about strength, family, and how support can change lives.

Life hasn't always been easy for Sakina and her family. They live in a humble hut without running water or electricity. In their family, Sakina's mother is the primary caregiver, a role she took on four years ago when Sakina's father passed away.

Throughout these trying years, the family leaned on the support of Sakina's maternal uncle to make ends meet. But their story takes a heartwarming turn for the better with the intervention of Muslim Hands.

Two of Sakina's sisters, including Sakina herself, are enrolled in the life-changing Muslim Hands School of Excellence. It's a place where quality education and compassionate teachers come together to transform futures. And for seven-year-old Ubaida, who adores reading, the School of Excellence is a haven for her dreams.

And you made it possible! For less than $2 per day, Sakina can acquire an education, eat nutritious meals, and receive the support she needs to excel. Without Muslim Hands sponsorship, they wouldn't have been able to afford education. Sakina's dreams of becoming a doctor might have remained unfulfilled.

Sakina shares her gratitude: "Thank you so much for helping me and giving me the chance to become a doctor." Her dreams and hopes for the future are now closer to becoming a reality.

But this is not just about Sakina; it's about countless children who need your support. The impact of your donations goes beyond changing one life; it transforms entire families.

Whether through an Orphan Sponsorship for $49.50 monthly or an annual commitment of $594.00, your support can serve as a beacon of hope in a child's life.

You can also make a huge difference by donating to our Orphan Fund. With your support, we can create more stories like Sakina's, filled with hope and possibility. Join us in making a lasting impact and changing lives. Donate now to our Sponsor an Orphan appeal.


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